the nipples on poker night

sunday started like no other day, just little bit later than it does monday - saturday.  it does its run for the day, it does not have to have the 10 mile run in less than 2 hours, and for the most part Master Ken has it do about 6 -7 miles on sunday mornings. 

on sunday mornings it comes back to Master Kens home and it is placed with the blindfold on in the corner kneeling with a tennis ball on its forehead and needs to hold it on the forehead in this position until its time to leave to go to the parents house around 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning.

its loaded up in the cage and its time to take off.

the nipples being tortured

the nipples were being tortured for today at the parents and at poker night. when it got to the parents house it was instructed to take the shirt off and Master Ken took 2 clamps and hooked them on the slaves nipples for the the rest of the day. the clamps were metal clamps, however never had the kind of clamps that it had on yesterday before, they were nipple clamps with bells on them!

they were painful and loud, and it was to stay on the slave for the whole entire day.  it was led in by Master Ken dragging the slave into the parents home.  it had a half hour to see the parents before the blindfold was put back on the slave.  and the slave had to kneel facing Master Ken on His lap while He rubbed the upper inner thighs of the slave to make it worse.

the slave cannot eat while at the parents home while the rest do eat at the table, the slave is needing to hump the couch arm.  while it was doing this the ringing of the bells on the clamps made sure that in the other room Master Ken could hear if the slave stop humping and it would be a punishment indeed for the slave.

after lunch Master Ken came back into the living room and ordered it back on His lap for the rest of the stay and He continued to rub the slaves upper inner thighs.

the nipples on poker night

the nipple clamps were being used for poker night also. it was laughed at and humiliated and embarrassed by this. in front of the men it was having bells ringing on its nipples, Master Ken would loose a hand and He would pull at the clamps, He would give me a slap across the face. Master Ken does not like to loose at poker at all!

the men had some more fun with the slave, instead of using the toilet, they were using the slave has a toilet to piss in its mouth! the slave had to drink each and every mans piss before it could go home last night.

it was not until about 11:30pm last night that it finally took the last mans piss and drank it!

it was humiliating night to say the least.  its going to miss poker night with Master Ken.  however the good news is they have invited Master Tyler to take Master Ken place since Master Ken will be leaving on June 1st.

 in summary

sunday was another eventful day no doubt, Master Ken wants to have fun humiliating and embarrassing His slave while He still owns it.  He said they will be another one coming up next sunday no doubt!

-slave chris-

photo of the day

“It's not the current that will drown you. It's the exhaustion from fighting it.” 
Rebekah Crane

weekend april 14-15 2018

If a potential  client comes into the  company for a  visit, make the slave masturbate, but not orgasm, in the middle of the room for all to see."

this is the slaves next punishment coming up for not running at least 7 miles on friday.

the butt plug was taken out of the slave after work yesterday, the afternoon was still painful for the slave, being in front of the customers like this for the whole day was a embarrassment and humiliating for this slave. especially when  it did have to fine someone that would have access to certain programs. the slave lost its rights on some certain programs, or the access of some of the programs is limited for the slave. 

for the whole afternoon the setting of the plug was set to go off every 5 minutes, every 5 minutes on high it would penetrate a sensation up into the slave, the slaves cock is locked also so this made it even harder for the slave itself to deal with the agony with the plug.

after the business closed its doors at 5pm last night, Master Ken came up to the front and took the plug out of the slave, it was ordered to get down on its knees and the blindfold went onto the slave and it waited until it was time for it to leave. that was the punishment for it yesterday.   

next blog post

when the slave is not being punished or talking about its family events the slave is starting to post about its spiritual side of slavery.  it was accustomed back in the biblical days that they did have slaves. one of the things that it has always heard after 7 years the male slave would be set to go free, if the male slave did not want to go free it would be a slave for life.  this was something that this slave took and did a couple of years back, it's been a slave for 9 years now, and well it has decided to stay being a slave for life. it's not going to get into the details on this blog itself, however if it has not gotten itself into trouble on tuesday of this week or something else needs to be posted, it will dig deeper into the conversation about the spiritual side of slavery.

sunday family day

sunday is the day Master Ken, Mistress Ashley, and His daughter and Sir Brandon loads the slave in the back in the cage and visit the parents, on monday it will have details its also poker night over at Sir Dave's home also.

hopefully all the followers of this blog will have a great weekend. 

-slave chris-

photo of the weekend

you can find more great photos like this in black and white over at  the black and white detail makes it seem more alive it does think, not for sure what the followers think about the black and white detail of a photo like this makes the followers think about, however this is what this slave thinks about the black and white detail of a photo like this.  

“Your heart’s strength is measured by how hard it holds on. Your self worth and faith is measured by finally letting go. However, your peace is measured by how long you don’t look back.” 
Shannon L. Alder

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Master Ken uses a site called a site that gives ideas on how to punish this slave, and this is what the punishment is for not blogging in time on thursday by 3pm central time.

"Put a large size vibrating butt plug in the slaves ass and make it do the normal routines with the plug in place, on the highest setting. They cannot take it out until You take it out of the slave ass."

now it knows it got a lot to talk about now since it was inserted this morning. in the morning it wakes up at 3am and takes the shower and it proceeds into the kitchen, this morning it is wearing the uniform that TechGuyinshorts has, its a navy blue shorts for this slave, and a navy blue shirt with its logo on it. 

it went into the kitchen like it always does and kneels down on it knees waiting for Master Ken to finish reading the paper. afterwards with its cuffs on and collar on Master Ken takes the slave by the collar and drags it under the table and it  sucks Master Ken off and makes sure that its all clean and dry. afterwards it is blindfolded like it always should be , its time to be led out into the car for its normal run before work.

however this morning it was to check its email before it was blindfolded, it looked at its email and notice this up above. it looked at Master Ken and He shook His head in agreement. it gave the cell phone to Master Ken, and He then proceeded to blindfold His slave, afterwards He grabbed the large size butt plug and inserted into His slaves ass, and put it on the highest setting possible. 

it was led outside walking on all fours walking like it should and all sudden the penetration of the vibrating went right up its body, it had to stop, however Master Ken had other plans, He told His slave to keep walking. it could not continue to walk like this, it was painful. Master Ken took and started to drag the slave to the car by the collar with this slave gasping for air.

before putting His slave in the back in the cage, He got into its face and made it clear that it must continue doing its normal routines or else it will have another punishment that it will need to endure.

it went to the park the ride over for this slave was painful, about every 3 minutes it was set at for the ride over and it could feel the deep penetration of the plug going through its body.

the run

Master Ken took His slave out of the cage and had it take its shirt off and it put the electro nipple clamps on and the gps sensor around its collar, He set the plug not to go off for 10 minutes.

the run itself was painful each time that it would go off it would stop, each time that it would stop Master Ken would shock the slave with the nipple clamps. what should be only a hour and half run turned into two hours instead. which will be another punishment on this on saturday due to not running full 7 miles and and taking two hours to complete.

the workday

the work day the plug has been going off every 10 minutes, however at 11am this morning Master took and set it to every 5 minutes.  He has also put the slave up in the front helping out customers that are coming in the building. its very embarrassing having to help out customers with a plug in its ass like this, even though they don't see it.  another thing that is very embarrassing and humiliating is having the customers see this slave barefoot, no shoes helping them out, walking around. the slave does not have all access to some of the computer systems so it needs to find someone that does and the customers are chuckling and talking about it behind the slaves back.

it will have a follow up blog later this evening for everyone on the workday itself it gets off at 5pm central time, after closing everything down it gets off around 5:30pm it will not have a blog up until late tonight. Master Ken or Master Jason does not have to work this weekend, so the slave gets the weekend off from the store itself, however home chores and other things will be done for the weekend, and it also does have the punishment that will have done on saturday.

photo of the day

“I demolish my bridges behind me... then there is no choice but to move forward.” 
Fridtjof Nansen

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poker face

sunday was a busy day for this slave more than just one place also. it's going to break down each of its stops for each of the followers, so bear with this slave. a few other things that it must also give details with will be coming up on tuesday's blog, it will not be included on today's blog.

the parents

around 3:00am in the morning the slave wakes up each day, it will get dress, on sunday's Master Ken and His slave will wear matching outfits, accept mine is shorts and His is pants. the outfit is white t-shirt today, along with tan nike shorts, His outfit is white t-shirt and tan cargo pants, and  steel toe boots on.

it goes into the kitchen in the morning with its wrist/ankle cuffs on and its collar on, it will walk over to the table wear Master Ken is usually at this time of the morning reading the paper. it is about 3:30am in the morning. what it does is it will kneel down on its knees and put its hands behind its back and wait for Master Kens  next moves. normally after reading the paper He will put it down and grab it by the collar and drag it under the table and whip His cock out and it knows what it needs to do. it will start sucking His cock. He will have it stop sucking Him off and grab the blindfold in the middle of it and put the blindfold on the slave, and then have it proceed to suck Him off until He cums in its mouth. The whole load needs to be swallowed and eaten and it needs to clean Him off before it does it 7-10 mile run.

after that with it being blindfolded and done its put on the leash and taken to the car and put in the car cage in the back and harnessed up and locked up in the back. it will then go to the park and do its run.

it takes its time more on sundays on doing the run and is let to do this by Master Ken, normally it gets the run done within a hour and half. today the run will take more like two and half hours.

after the run on sundays it will go back and will be put in the corner kneeling and facing the wall in the living room made to think about the week. the family will be getting ready for the trip over to the parents house for the day, this normally takes time for  the family to  leave which is around 9:00am.

it takes about 2 hours to get down to Pectonica from where Master Ken lives. around 11:00am is the time it gets to the parents house.  today is the punishment day.

the punsishment

around 11:00am the family finally gets to the parents home, Sir Brandon comes in another vehicle, and the slave is waiting sometimes for Sir Brandon's arrival before Master Ken will take the slave out of the cage in the back of the suv.

when Sir Brandon arrived Master Ken will unlock the slave from the cage and will give the toy bag to Sir Brandon to carry, the slave will get out of the cage and get on its knees, remind the followers that are reading this, it's still blindfolded yet. Master Ken will take it by the collar and drag it to the door of the parents and drag it inside. the slave will put its hands behind its back and stay kneeling while they all do hugs and kisses. my mom will come over and say hi to the slave and ask if everything is going okay.

after the the greetings Master Ken takes and motions the slave to the couch, blindfolded, it will be led by the collar, and this is where the punishment begins for not blogging.the slave is led to the couch arm blindfolded and gets on the couch arm, before it is to hump the couch arm it is to take the shirt off, it gave the shirt to Master Ken and Master Ken says to start humping the couch arm. from 11am until 2pm  the slave humps the couch arm, non stop. 

however after lunch which ended around 12:30pm Master Ken and Sir Brandon came over and Master Ken took and wrap His arms around the slaves neck and grab its head and pushed it towards His chest. He took His hand and covered the slaves mouth and started to play with its nipples squeezing them, pulling on them. He told the slave not to speak, if it spoke it would be punished even more.  Sir Brandon took and said for the slave to keep on humping. it stop few times so finally they both came to a conclusion on the slave to stop humping and some more torture was introduced. Sir Brandon started to rub the upper inner thighs of  the slave, and then all sudden Sir Brandon started to slap hard and harder, at the slaves legs, while Master Ken took both of His hands and were doing nipple torture. it felt like this was going on forever but it was only  one hour of this that it went on before the family left from the parents home and it was on its way for poker night at Sir Dave's apartment. it forgot to mention this while this was going on it wanted to cry, it did start crying, this was painful, and also humiliating for the slave for this to be done in front of the parents at the home that it grew up in.

poker night

it was loaded back into the suv in the cage and was heading back to Master Kens home to drop off Mistress Ashley and His daughter. it was a little wait for Sir Brandon to make His way back and then it was off to Sir Dave's home with Master Ken and Sir Brandon for poker night. it was about 3:30pm when it got back home and it was about 4:30pm when it arrived over at Sir Dave's apartment.

it was unlocked and just like over at the parents home it was drag by the collar up to Sir Dave's apartment door. it was a wait at the door and Master Ken got in the slaves face and told it to behave and not to say a word tonight.

tonight the slaves job was to be a cup holder or beer can holder for the Men. however with some playing going on and sucking of the Men cocks were to take place also.

just like every poker night the main entertainment was the slave, fucking the slaves hole, the slave sucking other men while Master Ken fucks the slaves hole, slapping of the slaves face, legs it's torture. when Master Ken looses money it gets its nipples tortured, it will get the inner thighs whipped it will have its feet stomp on, its like it is every poker night with the Men.

what did it learn

it learned it lesson that it must be doing a blog, or try to be doing a blog each and everyday for Master Ken, it was advised just today while it was doing this blog from Master Tyler that it must do the same or it will have a punishment that will be done to the slave. it was taught that if it does not want this humiliation done to it like this, then it better do a blog everyday.

always respect the one who is in charge or the ones who are in charge for this slave, because it knows that they know that this slave does not like humiliation, they will continue doing it since they know that it does not like it. they know that it takes pride of itself and the pride needs to be broken for this slave, it needs to remind itself to stay humble and be grateful for they could have the slave be abandon and left out in the cold all alone.

that is what it learned from this lesson.  if any of the followers would like to email the slave with any questions, the new email address is the following:

-slave chris-

"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."
Mark Twain

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punished for lack of blogging

Master Ken  wanted His slave to give a update on the punishment for the lack of blogging, and what the punishment will be.  
its more of a humiliation and pride that will occur this coming weekend. on sunday’s  Master Ken, Mistress Ashley and Ainsley and a friend of Master, Brandon, and this slave goes over to the parents house.  Brandon helps Master out with this here slave while the visit to the parents house does occur, after the visit at the parents house in the late afternoon Master takes and drops off Mistress Ashley and Ainsley off at home and Master and Brandon and t his slave heads over to another friend of Master’s Dave’s home.
Master has said that this weekend while at the parents house it will take it t-shirt off, and then proceed over to the couch arm and start humping the couch arm. Master will have the slave continue doing this
for some time before Master will have the slave then proceed on sitting on Master lap, facing Him, like a baby being burp, at this time Master will then proceed to rub slaves legs, tease the slave.

it’s many more things that Master Ken does have planned, and it will do a blog about it coming up either late sunday evening or monday timeframe.

any questions that anyone may have, please direct them at

 "Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of life."

George MacDonald


monday, 03.05.18

when it comes to the topic of masturbation, vibrators, fingers, and sex toys are the methods that 
typically first come to mind. but why are we leaving out humping? “humping?” yes, the slave is  
talking about humping someones leg or legs,  the pleasure. if you’ve never given humping much  
hought, read on…

yesterday Master Ken advised the slave that it would be humping legs all day in the office, each person
 that the slave would be humping would be for 45 mins with 15 min break. the only other time that it 
was longer was during the lunch hour when it would be transported to the other stores. the slave goes
to other stores during the week for helping Master Ken and the business with the finance side of the 
business and making sure the profits the store is receiving is correct.  for the most part the managers
on duty does fairly well with it.

back on the situation with humping each individual, it was humiliating on having this done to the slave,
each person wanted it done the way they wanted,  it did do one female, Melissa, the manager at the 
janesville store.

it would like to know what the readers of the journal would like more of, just email the slave at   

today the slave is going on runs we do some housecalls and today the slave is going with blindfold 
and walking on all fours into the customers homes.

wait until wendesday on hearing about this. it will try and get the journal up earlier in the day instead 
of waiting until the evening on getting it posted.

slave chris

3 days in chains, blindfold and earplugs

for the last 3 days it’s been blindfolded, been chained up not able to move 
much at all, the ankles were chained up and locked,the hands were chained up 
to the collar around the neck, the collar was chained up from the ankle cuffs
 and another chain thats not for sure where it was going. it was in a sitting in 
this positions for the day time like this, at night it was in its cage locked up. 

the night time the chains were off of this slave, it was only during the day 
it was like this, it was easy for Master Ken and the co-workers or like what 
Master Ken likes to call them co-owners to come into Master Kens office,
have access to this slaves balls and cock and legs. which they did at times do.

Master Ken would give me a slap in the face if His slave started to moan if they 
would take the shoes or the hand or anything for that matter and play with 
the slaves cock or balls or legs for that matter. it learned quickly that if it did 
any moaning or speaking it would have itself slapped or hit.  it was so
 humiliating just looking like this for the whole entire time.

any questions that anyone would like to ask this slave about the weekend, 
please feel free to email the slave at

some changes on some of the pages, if the bookmarks is not working, this 
might be the reason why.  just a friendly reminder, it will update the website 
here this evening or later sunday, the website address is the following: that will not change and it will direct on the correct 
location on finding Master Ken, the staff and this slave.

and finally it’s been advised that starting on monday it will be journaling 
about the life in shorts and humiliation over it. it is quite humiliating, 
being the only one wearing shorts, t shirt, and barefeet, and the only one! 
it will also talk about its life of being in a cage on trips from one store to the 
next and where ever Master Ken may take the slave. also being blindfolded on
 the trips, and something else that Master Ken has the slave do while on 
the trips, some may know what He does have this slave do during the trips,
however some may not know .

slave chris


"Men go forth to wonder at the heights of mountains, the extent of the oceans,
 and the courses of the stars, and omit to wonder at themselves."

St. Augustine   

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humiliation for slave chris

last evening was very humiliating scene for this slave, something that Master Ken got a idea from someone who posted on this blog about a babysitter who would take control of this slave. 

 well it happened last night, a kid that it use to babysit, His name is Mike, He came from the Quad Cities just to check out the slave that use to babysit Him. let this slave say it was humiliating and embarrassing for it to show the cock and balls! it took and babysit Mike when He was 8 and until He was 10. yes it did see Mike at times nude while He put His pajamas on that His mother wanted to have on. this slave was not strict on Mike or so it thought, however last night Mike took all the aggression that He had on this slave. 

 it started little after 7pm last night and it did not get done until little after 11:30 last night. the first thing was that Mike took and did was fuck its ass for nearly 2 hours, after this was done Mike gave it a break before Master Ken joined in and help Mike out. Mike took and shoved His cock into it's mouth and was having it suck on Mike’s juicy 7 1/2" thick cock while Master Ken took the other end. When it was time for a change up Mike went onto the ass itself. Master Ken took the mouth. 

 After it was finished Mike wanted to end the night off with this here slave taking a bottle, instead of a real actual bottle the bottle was Mike’s cock again, however instead of sucking on it Mike fed this slave His urine! this was so humiliating having this done for the evening. Mike enjoyed it a lot and this was His second time coming to visit Master Ken and His slave. 

 slave chris

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