humiliation for slave chris

last evening was very humiliating scene for this slave, something that Master Ken got a idea from someone who posted on this blog about a babysitter who would take control of this slave. 

 well it happened last night, a kid that it use to babysit, His name is Mike, He came from the Quad Cities just to check out the slave that use to babysit Him. let this slave say it was humiliating and embarrassing for it to show the cock and balls! it took and babysit Mike when He was 8 and until He was 10. yes it did see Mike at times nude while He put His pajamas on that His mother wanted to have on. this slave was not strict on Mike or so it thought, however last night Mike took all the aggression that He had on this slave. 

 it started little after 7pm last night and it did not get done until little after 11:30 last night. the first thing was that Mike took and did was fuck its ass for nearly 2 hours, after this was done Mike gave it a break before Master Ken joined in and help Mike out. Mike took and shoved His cock into it's mouth and was having it suck on Mike’s juicy 7 1/2" thick cock while Master Ken took the other end. When it was time for a change up Mike went onto the ass itself. Master Ken took the mouth. 

 After it was finished Mike wanted to end the night off with this here slave taking a bottle, instead of a real actual bottle the bottle was Mike’s cock again, however instead of sucking on it Mike fed this slave His urine! this was so humiliating having this done for the evening. Mike enjoyed it a lot and this was His second time coming to visit Master Ken and His slave. 

 slave chris


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