monday, 03.05.18

when it comes to the topic of masturbation, vibrators, fingers, and sex toys are the methods that 
typically first come to mind. but why are we leaving out humping? “humping?” yes, the slave is  
talking about humping someones leg or legs,  the pleasure. if you’ve never given humping much  
hought, read on…

yesterday Master Ken advised the slave that it would be humping legs all day in the office, each person
 that the slave would be humping would be for 45 mins with 15 min break. the only other time that it 
was longer was during the lunch hour when it would be transported to the other stores. the slave goes
to other stores during the week for helping Master Ken and the business with the finance side of the 
business and making sure the profits the store is receiving is correct.  for the most part the managers
on duty does fairly well with it.

back on the situation with humping each individual, it was humiliating on having this done to the slave,
each person wanted it done the way they wanted,  it did do one female, Melissa, the manager at the 
janesville store.

it would like to know what the readers of the journal would like more of, just email the slave at  

today the slave is going on runs we do some housecalls and today the slave is going with blindfold 
and walking on all fours into the customers homes.

wait until wendesday on hearing about this. it will try and get the journal up earlier in the day instead 
of waiting until the evening on getting it posted.

slave chris

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