3 days in chains, blindfold and earplugs

for the last 3 days it’s been blindfolded, been chained up not able to move 
much at all, the ankles were chained up and locked,the hands were chained up 
to the collar around the neck, the collar was chained up from the ankle cuffs
 and another chain thats not for sure where it was going. it was in a sitting in 
this positions for the day time like this, at night it was in its cage locked up. 

the night time the chains were off of this slave, it was only during the day 
it was like this, it was easy for Master Ken and the co-workers or like what 
Master Ken likes to call them co-owners to come into Master Kens office,
have access to this slaves balls and cock and legs. which they did at times do.

Master Ken would give me a slap in the face if His slave started to moan if they 
would take the shoes or the hand or anything for that matter and play with 
the slaves cock or balls or legs for that matter. it learned quickly that if it did 
any moaning or speaking it would have itself slapped or hit.  it was so
 humiliating just looking like this for the whole entire time.

any questions that anyone would like to ask this slave about the weekend, 
please feel free to email the slave at techguyinshorts@aol.com

some changes on some of the pages, if the bookmarks is not working, this 
might be the reason why.  just a friendly reminder, it will update the website 
here this evening or later sunday, the website address is the following:
 https://goo.gl/U5eJSJ that will not change and it will direct on the correct 
location on finding Master Ken, the staff and this slave.

and finally it’s been advised that starting on monday it will be journaling 
about the life in shorts and humiliation over it. it is quite humiliating, 
being the only one wearing shorts, t shirt, and barefeet, and the only one! 
it will also talk about its life of being in a cage on trips from one store to the 
next and where ever Master Ken may take the slave. also being blindfolded on
 the trips, and something else that Master Ken has the slave do while on 
the trips, some may know what He does have this slave do during the trips,
however some may not know .

slave chris


"Men go forth to wonder at the heights of mountains, the extent of the oceans,
 and the courses of the stars, and omit to wonder at themselves."

St. Augustine   

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