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sunday was a busy day for this slave more than just one place also. it's going to break down each of its stops for each of the followers, so bear with this slave. a few other things that it must also give details with will be coming up on tuesday's blog, it will not be included on today's blog.

the parents

around 3:00am in the morning the slave wakes up each day, it will get dress, on sunday's Master Ken and His slave will wear matching outfits, accept mine is shorts and His is pants. the outfit is white t-shirt today, along with tan nike shorts, His outfit is white t-shirt and tan cargo pants, and  steel toe boots on.

it goes into the kitchen in the morning with its wrist/ankle cuffs on and its collar on, it will walk over to the table wear Master Ken is usually at this time of the morning reading the paper. it is about 3:30am in the morning. what it does is it will kneel down on its knees and put its hands behind its back and wait for Master Kens  next moves. normally after reading the paper He will put it down and grab it by the collar and drag it under the table and whip His cock out and it knows what it needs to do. it will start sucking His cock. He will have it stop sucking Him off and grab the blindfold in the middle of it and put the blindfold on the slave, and then have it proceed to suck Him off until He cums in its mouth. The whole load needs to be swallowed and eaten and it needs to clean Him off before it does it 7-10 mile run.

after that with it being blindfolded and done its put on the leash and taken to the car and put in the car cage in the back and harnessed up and locked up in the back. it will then go to the park and do its run.

it takes its time more on sundays on doing the run and is let to do this by Master Ken, normally it gets the run done within a hour and half. today the run will take more like two and half hours.

after the run on sundays it will go back and will be put in the corner kneeling and facing the wall in the living room made to think about the week. the family will be getting ready for the trip over to the parents house for the day, this normally takes time for  the family to  leave which is around 9:00am.

it takes about 2 hours to get down to Pectonica from where Master Ken lives. around 11:00am is the time it gets to the parents house.  today is the punishment day.

the punsishment

around 11:00am the family finally gets to the parents home, Sir Brandon comes in another vehicle, and the slave is waiting sometimes for Sir Brandon's arrival before Master Ken will take the slave out of the cage in the back of the suv.

when Sir Brandon arrived Master Ken will unlock the slave from the cage and will give the toy bag to Sir Brandon to carry, the slave will get out of the cage and get on its knees, remind the followers that are reading this, it's still blindfolded yet. Master Ken will take it by the collar and drag it to the door of the parents and drag it inside. the slave will put its hands behind its back and stay kneeling while they all do hugs and kisses. my mom will come over and say hi to the slave and ask if everything is going okay.

after the the greetings Master Ken takes and motions the slave to the couch, blindfolded, it will be led by the collar, and this is where the punishment begins for not blogging.the slave is led to the couch arm blindfolded and gets on the couch arm, before it is to hump the couch arm it is to take the shirt off, it gave the shirt to Master Ken and Master Ken says to start humping the couch arm. from 11am until 2pm  the slave humps the couch arm, non stop. 

however after lunch which ended around 12:30pm Master Ken and Sir Brandon came over and Master Ken took and wrap His arms around the slaves neck and grab its head and pushed it towards His chest. He took His hand and covered the slaves mouth and started to play with its nipples squeezing them, pulling on them. He told the slave not to speak, if it spoke it would be punished even more.  Sir Brandon took and said for the slave to keep on humping. it stop few times so finally they both came to a conclusion on the slave to stop humping and some more torture was introduced. Sir Brandon started to rub the upper inner thighs of  the slave, and then all sudden Sir Brandon started to slap hard and harder, at the slaves legs, while Master Ken took both of His hands and were doing nipple torture. it felt like this was going on forever but it was only  one hour of this that it went on before the family left from the parents home and it was on its way for poker night at Sir Dave's apartment. it forgot to mention this while this was going on it wanted to cry, it did start crying, this was painful, and also humiliating for the slave for this to be done in front of the parents at the home that it grew up in.

poker night

it was loaded back into the suv in the cage and was heading back to Master Kens home to drop off Mistress Ashley and His daughter. it was a little wait for Sir Brandon to make His way back and then it was off to Sir Dave's home with Master Ken and Sir Brandon for poker night. it was about 3:30pm when it got back home and it was about 4:30pm when it arrived over at Sir Dave's apartment.

it was unlocked and just like over at the parents home it was drag by the collar up to Sir Dave's apartment door. it was a wait at the door and Master Ken got in the slaves face and told it to behave and not to say a word tonight.

tonight the slaves job was to be a cup holder or beer can holder for the Men. however with some playing going on and sucking of the Men cocks were to take place also.

just like every poker night the main entertainment was the slave, fucking the slaves hole, the slave sucking other men while Master Ken fucks the slaves hole, slapping of the slaves face, legs it's torture. when Master Ken looses money it gets its nipples tortured, it will get the inner thighs whipped it will have its feet stomp on, its like it is every poker night with the Men.

what did it learn

it learned it lesson that it must be doing a blog, or try to be doing a blog each and everyday for Master Ken, it was advised just today while it was doing this blog from Master Tyler that it must do the same or it will have a punishment that will be done to the slave. it was taught that if it does not want this humiliation done to it like this, then it better do a blog everyday.

always respect the one who is in charge or the ones who are in charge for this slave, because it knows that they know that this slave does not like humiliation, they will continue doing it since they know that it does not like it. they know that it takes pride of itself and the pride needs to be broken for this slave, it needs to remind itself to stay humble and be grateful for they could have the slave be abandon and left out in the cold all alone.

that is what it learned from this lesson.  if any of the followers would like to email the slave with any questions, the new email address is the following:

-slave chris-

"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it."
Mark Twain

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