punished for lack of blogging

Master Ken  wanted His slave to give a update on the punishment for the lack of blogging, and what the punishment will be.  
its more of a humiliation and pride that will occur this coming weekend. on sunday’s  Master Ken, Mistress Ashley and Ainsley and a friend of Master, Brandon, and this slave goes over to the parents house.  Brandon helps Master out with this here slave while the visit to the parents house does occur, after the visit at the parents house in the late afternoon Master takes and drops off Mistress Ashley and Ainsley off at home and Master and Brandon and t his slave heads over to another friend of Master’s Dave’s home.
Master has said that this weekend while at the parents house it will take it t-shirt off, and then proceed over to the couch arm and start humping the couch arm. Master will have the slave continue doing this
for some time before Master will have the slave then proceed on sitting on Master lap, facing Him, like a baby being burp, at this time Master will then proceed to rub slaves legs, tease the slave.

it’s many more things that Master Ken does have planned, and it will do a blog about it coming up either late sunday evening or monday timeframe.

any questions that anyone may have, please direct them at

 "Forgiveness is the giving, and so the receiving, of life."

George MacDonald


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