Master Ken uses a site called  pleasepunish.me a site that gives ideas on how to punish this slave, and this is what the punishment is for not blogging in time on thursday by 3pm central time.

"Put a large size vibrating butt plug in the slaves ass and make it do the normal routines with the plug in place, on the highest setting. They cannot take it out until You take it out of the slave ass."

now it knows it got a lot to talk about now since it was inserted this morning. in the morning it wakes up at 3am and takes the shower and it proceeds into the kitchen, this morning it is wearing the uniform that TechGuyinshorts has, its a navy blue shorts for this slave, and a navy blue shirt with its logo on it. 

it went into the kitchen like it always does and kneels down on it knees waiting for Master Ken to finish reading the paper. afterwards with its cuffs on and collar on Master Ken takes the slave by the collar and drags it under the table and it  sucks Master Ken off and makes sure that its all clean and dry. afterwards it is blindfolded like it always should be , its time to be led out into the car for its normal run before work.

however this morning it was to check its email before it was blindfolded, it looked at its email and notice this up above. it looked at Master Ken and He shook His head in agreement. it gave the cell phone to Master Ken, and He then proceeded to blindfold His slave, afterwards He grabbed the large size butt plug and inserted into His slaves ass, and put it on the highest setting possible. 

it was led outside walking on all fours walking like it should and all sudden the penetration of the vibrating went right up its body, it had to stop, however Master Ken had other plans, He told His slave to keep walking. it could not continue to walk like this, it was painful. Master Ken took and started to drag the slave to the car by the collar with this slave gasping for air.

before putting His slave in the back in the cage, He got into its face and made it clear that it must continue doing its normal routines or else it will have another punishment that it will need to endure.

it went to the park the ride over for this slave was painful, about every 3 minutes it was set at for the ride over and it could feel the deep penetration of the plug going through its body.

the run

Master Ken took His slave out of the cage and had it take its shirt off and it put the electro nipple clamps on and the gps sensor around its collar, He set the plug not to go off for 10 minutes.

the run itself was painful each time that it would go off it would stop, each time that it would stop Master Ken would shock the slave with the nipple clamps. what should be only a hour and half run turned into two hours instead. which will be another punishment on this on saturday due to not running full 7 miles and and taking two hours to complete.

the workday

the work day the plug has been going off every 10 minutes, however at 11am this morning Master took and set it to every 5 minutes.  He has also put the slave up in the front helping out customers that are coming in the building. its very embarrassing having to help out customers with a plug in its ass like this, even though they don't see it.  another thing that is very embarrassing and humiliating is having the customers see this slave barefoot, no shoes helping them out, walking around. the slave does not have all access to some of the computer systems so it needs to find someone that does and the customers are chuckling and talking about it behind the slaves back.

it will have a follow up blog later this evening for everyone on the workday itself it gets off at 5pm central time, after closing everything down it gets off around 5:30pm it will not have a blog up until late tonight. Master Ken or Master Jason does not have to work this weekend, so the slave gets the weekend off from the store itself, however home chores and other things will be done for the weekend, and it also does have the punishment that will have done on saturday.

photo of the day

“I demolish my bridges behind me... then there is no choice but to move forward.” 
Fridtjof Nansen

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