weekend april 14-15 2018

If a potential  client comes into the  company for a  visit, make the slave masturbate, but not orgasm, in the middle of the room for all to see."

this is the slaves next punishment coming up for not running at least 7 miles on friday.

the butt plug was taken out of the slave after work yesterday, the afternoon was still painful for the slave, being in front of the customers like this for the whole day was a embarrassment and humiliating for this slave. especially when  it did have to fine someone that would have access to certain programs. the slave lost its rights on some certain programs, or the access of some of the programs is limited for the slave. 

for the whole afternoon the setting of the plug was set to go off every 5 minutes, every 5 minutes on high it would penetrate a sensation up into the slave, the slaves cock is locked also so this made it even harder for the slave itself to deal with the agony with the plug.

after the business closed its doors at 5pm last night, Master Ken came up to the front and took the plug out of the slave, it was ordered to get down on its knees and the blindfold went onto the slave and it waited until it was time for it to leave. that was the punishment for it yesterday.   

next blog post

when the slave is not being punished or talking about its family events the slave is starting to post about its spiritual side of slavery.  it was accustomed back in the biblical days that they did have slaves. one of the things that it has always heard after 7 years the male slave would be set to go free, if the male slave did not want to go free it would be a slave for life.  this was something that this slave took and did a couple of years back, it's been a slave for 9 years now, and well it has decided to stay being a slave for life. it's not going to get into the details on this blog itself, however if it has not gotten itself into trouble on tuesday of this week or something else needs to be posted, it will dig deeper into the conversation about the spiritual side of slavery.

sunday family day

sunday is the day Master Ken, Mistress Ashley, and His daughter and Sir Brandon loads the slave in the back in the cage and visit the parents, on monday it will have details its also poker night over at Sir Dave's home also.

hopefully all the followers of this blog will have a great weekend. 

-slave chris-

photo of the weekend

you can find more great photos like this in black and white over at http://mastersumaslave.tumblr.com/  the black and white detail makes it seem more alive it does think, not for sure what the followers think about the black and white detail of a photo like this makes the followers think about, however this is what this slave thinks about the black and white detail of a photo like this.  

“Your heart’s strength is measured by how hard it holds on. Your self worth and faith is measured by finally letting go. However, your peace is measured by how long you don’t look back.” 
Shannon L. Alder

#ownedbyMasterKen     #faggot      #lifeinshortsforlife


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